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    Please Help ID This Lost Turtle

    I believe it’s a Three Toed Box Turtle, I have no experience on the care of this species. A person with knowledge should respond soon. @Yvonne G
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    Is my tortoise a male or female?

    Too young to determine the gender.
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    How big are russian tortoises

    Female Russian tortoises generally get bigger than males. In the wild where they’re from, they spend most of their time underground hibernating or hiding from the heat during the summers so they’re growth is slower. But I’m captivity they’re usually active all year long being given more...
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    My one month old Baby

    Great work!
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    Sulcata tortoise adoption experience

    I’m not sure if this is helpful. I’ve been rescuing Russian Tortoises for about a year or two now, and I make sure the past families have my phone number for the purpose of sending update pictures. So far two families request pictures of them once in a while and I have no problem sending them...
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    Donald's Thread

    That’s one damn beautiful sulcata! Could you provide some plastron pics?
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    Beautiful new growth.

    This is what I love seeing from my Craigslist rescue Russians, thick new growth. I haven’t seen this girl in a month or so and she popped up with some nice growth.
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    Not Sure What This Is

    Trametes versicolor
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    Gopher tortoise for sale?

    I was randomly looking at pets Craigslist from other states when I came across this post. I believe this to be a gopher tortoises. Aren't any species under the Gopherus genus illegal to be sold?
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    New to forum

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Tortoise Shell Healthy?

    Looks perfectly healthy. All Russian tortoises usually have some dings or cosmetic chips in their shells.
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    Identify please

    looks like a melatoninistic male res.
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    New Horsefield Parents

    Welcome to the forum! We would love to see some pics of the tort!
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    Stubborn Sulcata

    When I get a rescue russian that only eats lettuce and will not touch anything else, I will withhold food from them for a couple days. After that they will always eat whatever I put in front of them, and continue to eat what I provide. I am unsure what others on the forum think of this method.