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    Help!!! Sulcata tortoise ate a soda can!!!

    I read this awhile back and was very intrigued! Now remember, I’m not saying to not call a vet, it’s just for your piece of mind. Also when dogs eat cooked bone fragments it’s usually a wait and see situation also.
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    Marshalls health problems.

    It’s very small thing but should help your anxiousness about calcium. I have a cuttlebone in my enclosure, per TFO instructions, and my tortoise periodically gnaws on it. This will help with his beak issues also. Beware he might to not touch it for a long time and then one day you will notice...
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    Outdoor enclosure

    Sheldon is 1 year. Should I go bigger now?
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    Outdoor enclosure

    I was reading Tom’s outdoor enclosure bible and I have a stupid question. Do I need to bury wire so my Hermann’s doesn’t burrow or dig out? I was thinking about ordering this enclosure. Any thoughts welcome. Keep in mind that I know it would be appropriate to build something but I’m pretty sure...
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    Bo's New Table Setup !

    I love the chalk board!!! So creative.
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    Michigan ISO

    Also require much less fresh food which obviously is hard to come by......😉
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    Michigan ISO

    I’m in Michigan Too!! I have a one year old Eastern Hermanns that I ordered as a hatchling from Tortstork. Great experience. I think you will be very thankful if you go with a smaller tortoise. I just finished modifying my enclosure because it has been difficult to maintain the humidity when...
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    how to keep my tortoise cage humid?

    There are not holes in the greenhouse. It’s a grid pattern instead of clear but it’s still completely intact and enclosed. It does zip shut also.
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    how to keep my tortoise cage humid?

    I ordered it on Amazon. Link below. There are many many sizes. Yes the frame is metal. It’s been awesome. LYNSLIM Mini Greenhouse, 48" x24x 21.6",PE Cover,Large Zipper Doors,Indoor Outdoor Garden Green House Flowerpot Cover
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    how to keep my tortoise cage humid?

    My Hermann’s is also 1 year old. I had an open table but quickly realized it’s too hard to maintain the humidity. I added a greenhouse. The lights hang from the greenhouse frame.
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    Hermann owners!

    Shelldon will be 1 year old on 2/20. He is 100 grams and growing like crazy!
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    Lining a vivarium?

    We used shower pan liner. It’s heavy duty but easy to work with. We stapled it. A little hard to see but we ran it right up all sides.
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    I like Tonka and Melvin!
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    Shelldon’s new digs

    Especially in Michigan. I’m jealous of his enclosure when I open it!
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    Shelldon’s new digs

    My husband loves when I have new ideas!!!🤣