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    Liltortivert picture update

    Liltortiverti, our little greek tortoise has been doing really well! He's still very small but heftier now than before. THIS.BOY.EATS: Jesus... I think liltortivort liked how it tasted:
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    URGENT Please help! Speedy is deteriorating.

    I've been keeping an eye on this thread and its great to see speedy is making a comeback! Wishing you continued success!
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    You know you have a tortoise when...

    When you crawl across the dinner table to grab something on the other side because that's what your tortoise would do... Fr tho, when you know a plant's nutritional value to a tortoise better than for yourself.
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    Summer Stars

    Beautiful animals!
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    Picky eater

    You can try chopping up the lettuce really small and mixing it with the other stuff. They are dexterous but they'll still manage to get a lil of everything that way. I'd get the lettuce to soak after cutting then sprinkling the other stuff liberally and it should stick to the lettuce.
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    I keep finding my tort on its back.

    Not sure if that person is still active but for my half log i half buried it partially so its basically a hill. The sides of the log have substrate packed so it slopes up and has more gentle angles for climbing up and down. Also a smaller fall for the tort.
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    Mazzuri Small Tortoise Diet LS

    Why is the small tortoise diet LS so different from the regular LS? Less fiber more protein etc. I don't feed him pellets much but I figured it might round out his diet if fed maybe once, twice a week. Has anyone tried both? The bigger pellets are a bit much for my baby Greek but maybe I will...
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    Tortoise skin dry from oversoaking?

    My man! Thank you. Thats why this is, you got all the answers! Lmao. Anyways, I'm probably going to do something like that, if not exactly that haha. I was overthinking a solution in my head for sure. Thanks again.
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    Don't do what I did yesterday. I almost lost my Cholla.

    Whats the saying? "If you love it let it go, and if it comes back you know it was yours all a long" Not suggesting you let your torts go wild, but I'm sure theres a sense of home and familiarity between you two. A reunion was destined :).
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    Don't do what I did yesterday. I almost lost my Cholla.

    My mom's aunt had a sulcata they let roam around in their extremely large backyard. One day it disappeared and they guessed it was stolen by one of the workers or it escaped. Two years later it came back. They think one of the workers stole it and returned it but I think it was just hiding out...
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    Was talking to a reptile store owner recently about my baby Greek tortoise and he told me I should keep it dry with pellet substrate. He said the whole moisture and eco earth thing is an internet fad that passed 5 years ago. Hmmmmm
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    Tortoise skin dry from oversoaking?

    Oh yeah I had to get the 65 watt flukers incandescent because CA light bulb laws. Took a while to figure out where to get those. What would be a good way to mount the UV lighting over his enclosure? Since they are wider and not able to be easily hung from a simple light stand. Thanks for the...
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    Tortoise skin dry from oversoaking?

    That is good to know. He doesn't spend time outside yet and indoors he has a 75 watt bulb for basking and a cfl for UV tho that will be upgraded ASAP. Just need to find the right fit for our setup. CA is d r y especially in here in socal so humidity can be challenging but its a good thing I...
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    [GREEK] Dinner, how it started vs how it ended

    Wanted to share our little guy munching on his greens. Last one is how we in the US felt after Thanksgiving dinner.
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    Tortoise skin dry from oversoaking?

    Hi so my tortoise started peeling a bit on his neck and while I know this is normal it made me wonder if its possible to dry your torts skin from over soaking. I know humidity is good and I keep his "dry" area at 70-80 humidity and his humid area upwards of 90. But moisture, wetness, and...