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    Novice requires urgent help

    Your tortoise is a Kinixys nogueyi - Western Hingeback Tortoise. As far as setup, temps, diet, humidity etc, David Mifsud has pulled together a great document that will help. You can find it hosted on my website for download at the following link...
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    New (to me) Hingeback... Homeana I think

    Bill, thank you for sharing those - I do remember seeing some of these while digging through the forums here. Would you mind sending me an email: [email protected]
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    Third Successful hatching of Chersina Angulata - Sterantino CAWG

    A colleague of mine is having success with a new incubation method with Kinixys - give me a ring this weekend and I can share more. Maybe it will be useful for Chersina... Cheers!
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    Third Successful hatching of Chersina Angulata - Sterantino CAWG

    Dan, congratulations! Doing what few in the US have been able to do... and repeating it! Bravo!
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    New (to me) Hingeback... Homeana I think

    Yes, this is definitely Kinixys homeana and not Kinixys erosa, but when they are young they can be easy to mix up! Bill, would you please share some photos of your Kinixys groups? I would love to see what you were working with. Jeremy Thompson
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    The Kinixys Working Group

    Thanks for sharing this, Tom! Man... a monthly Kinixys podcast would be SWEET!
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    Millipedes & Hingebacks

    Kinixys certainly in South Africa readily feed on millipedes - I have seen it first hand in the field. I am sure wherever millipedes and Kinixys are present, Kinixys feed on them, regardless of species. I am unsure how safe millipedes other than the African Giant Millipede are to feed to...
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    Retha Hofmeyer Passing

    Dan, I am just seeing your post now, but yes it was horrible to hear of her passing. I was fortunate to make it down to the cape to meet Retha and Ernst Baard in 2018 at the tail end of a Kinixys-focused trip. She was a gem of a human and instrumental in protecting South African chelonians...
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    Second Successful hatching of Chersina Angulata - Sterantino CAWG

    Dan, congratulations on the successful hatching! Your method for incubation is very similar to what I am using successfully for Kinixys. I have temp data on the fluctuations that they are experiencing re-buried in the lay substrate and the low is 68.8 degrees with the high at 82.0. They are...
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    Impressa Project

    Thanks for the update! Would you mind sharing photos of some from all three groups A B and C? The two pictured look quite different in coloration - I don’t think I have seen one raised like in the first photo. All of my CB impressa look like the one chasing your hand. Both beautiful specimens...
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    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Here is an update on the 2019 Kinixys zombensis. Hopefully I am raising a female.
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    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Meet Dill, a 2019 Kinixys zombensis This one is extra special to me, and I am proud to say that it hatched here at The Kinixys Cooperative The morning of September 16th I got up early, fed the tortoises, and for some reason decided to check on the Zom eggs. I incubate them buried in a few...
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    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    I am late to the party, but congratulations on your Chersina hatchling! I hope to see many more post like this to follow. They were an incredible species to experience in situ.
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    Melanochelys tricarinata

    Keep us posted for sure - I can't wait to see her nesting!
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    2019 hatchlings

    Well done, Kingsley! Keep them comin!