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Recent content by JThompson

  1. JThompson

    Impressa Project

    Thanks for the update! Would you mind sharing photos of some from all three groups A B and C? The two pictured look quite different in coloration - I don’t think I have seen one raised like in the first photo. All of my CB impressa look like the one chasing your hand. Both beautiful specimens...
  2. JThompson

    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Here is an update on the 2019 Kinixys zombensis. Hopefully I am raising a female.
  3. JThompson

    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Meet Dill, a 2019 Kinixys zombensis This one is extra special to me, and I am proud to say that it hatched here at The Kinixys Cooperative The morning of September 16th I got up early, fed the tortoises, and for some reason decided to check on the Zom eggs. I incubate them buried in a few...
  4. JThompson

    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    I am late to the party, but congratulations on your Chersina hatchling! I hope to see many more post like this to follow. They were an incredible species to experience in situ.
  5. JThompson

    Melanochelys tricarinata

    Keep us posted for sure - I can't wait to see her nesting!
  6. JThompson

    2019 hatchlings

    Well done, Kingsley! Keep them comin!
  7. JThompson

    Kynixys spekii pair!

    My smallest female that was raised from a hatchling laid her first clutch at double that size. That doesn't mean that the wont lay eggs smaller, but I would get her above 600g before pairing her if she was here. Beautiful pair. I would love to see some close up shots of the face/beaks.
  8. JThompson

    Kinixys belliana ?

    Gabriel, I agree. They reminded me a lot of your female. I believe Sam had moved this group on to another keeper. I wonder if any offspring were produced.
  9. JThompson

    Ploughshare , Angonoka , Yniphora

    @emystiong - how is your ynip herd doing?
  10. JThompson

    Kinixys belliana ?

    @Gabriel Mattei - Check out the specimens in this thread @emystiong - Do you still have this group? We would love an update!
  11. JThompson

    Western Bell Hingeback - adoption

    Hello Teal I would love to give him a good home. I am currently working with various Kinixys species and specialize in that genus. I am well versed in their care requirements and would even be able to get him into a breeding project here to help contribute to propagating his species. Please...
  12. JThompson

    Impressa Project

    Great work! Any new updates?
  13. JThompson


    Are there any updates with your lobatsiana group? They are beauties!
  14. JThompson

    Ayanda & Neo Update

    Heck yea, Chris! They look incredible!
  15. JThompson

    Two Clutches of Specki

    Keep us updated - would love to trade bloodlines when you are successful.