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    Re-homing? NC-SC

    Boxie, SC has been fantastic...and we are headed back this morning. Yes, we'd be happy to help w/ rehoming your little guy...just message some contact info and I'll check here when we get on the road this morning. Kerry will be driving so I'll have all kinds of time while in "support mode". Jeff
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    Re-homing? NC-SC

    " bidding wars are insane, buyers waiving inspections etc.. world gone mad." People listen and react to Media.....and given that rates hit historic lows last year, those that can, are refinancing of buying up. Trick is to find what others are not looking at. If you are just hitting Zillow...
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    Best birthday geift ever

    Those are BEAUTIFUL~!! For anyone that hasn't seen one in the hand, you are missing something special. We raised a wild caught MD terp for 14 years and it was the most beautiful of all my turtles, EVER! Very cool, thanks for posting the pics! You are fortunate! Don't get twisted guys, this...
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    Anyone live in Maryland or north east, that owns a sulcata?

    Clemson (sulc)passed a couple/few years ago but lived with me, a few miles North of Annapolis for many years. I would still differ to experience and suggest reaching out to Maro as recommended with questions. As you know, most here only want to help..... and/or.... There is a...
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    New and nervous red foot mama

    WTTC! You have probably already learned how much info is on this forum, pretty amazing isn't it>? If you haven't found the sheets, look in the Sticky's.....they will show you everything including the stuff you didn't know, that you didn't know!
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    Hello from St. Pete FL!

    "Letting you guys know that I am SO OPEN to constructive criticism. His health is more important than my feelings, so don't be afraid to call me out on something." Wow, very smart and yes, smarter than the average bear by far! Impressive attitude! I am not an expert, just a guy who's had lots...
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    Hi From Sarasota, FL

    Another old guy! Welcome!! Yeah, things everywhere are very different from when we were the 60's. (Ouch, hurts everytime). You will be amazed by the sheer talent here on this forum if you remain humble. I was pretty floored last year and I'm not impressed with simply organization and...
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    Found a box turtle and trying to decide if it's wild or a pet

    I read the rest of this thread 10 minutes ago, walked upstairs and in the parking lot, looking like a leaf at 30 feet away....I found this little guy, showed everyone, took a couple of pics then took it out back and let it go.....hope he does well!
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    Where can I get a baby razorback? ( and a pic of my turtle)

    HaHa Reptiles has them and has been my go-to for 10 years +
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    Found a box turtle and trying to decide if it's wild or a pet

    Full disclosure; I can't give you any definitive reason, but my gut tells me that she's wild.....the stance, the look...all of an active predator. Those are traits developed on top of instinct mapping... Again, just my guess but, I also get paid to FWIW, a friend who lives near...
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    Kind. (species?)

    Good to come here and ask TJ...and glad to hear your other turtles are doing well. Relax guys, TJ's a kid....he's got the passion and he's learning. Maybe try to pull, not push younger guys since my feet at his age, had 8" spikes when pushed......he's also coming up on 1 year here, like me. jeff
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    Best Turtles for 22,000 gallon Pond in Northern Virginia

    22K gallons? That's sweet! Yellow-bellies, Red ears are both found in your area...they will love it. Musk turtles help keep the bottom clean, and if the water has some motion, there are various river cooters that will thrive. I would caution against trying to get too inventive and trying to...
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    captive box turtles in the great outdoors

    Awww.....babies are cool...are they now "feeders"? Ok, that was harsh...sry. If you aren't sure of food-availability I would keep an eye as he roams and see if he's finding things to eat, certain plants....but a pile of strawberries or other "food-treasures" would make it a sure thing. Cool...
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    Red Eared Slider rescued from canal

    WTTC! Yes, I remember "washing my turtles" many, many years ago....had around a dozen or so and I decided to wash them in the bathtub when my folks weren't home............. The scutes clogged up the drain.....yeah, they found out. Dad was okay but Mom needed to vent. Ah the hell I put that...
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    Intro and help needed with hatchling eastern box turtle

    Welcome to the club!! Little Matilda is one year old now....due in large part to help received here! If you take a bit of time to slide over to the "Turtles" section, you'll find a great section just for your little guy! Also.....MOISTURE....lots of moisture!!! Most folks think of turtles and...