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  • We live in Las Vegas.. I’m in the middle of reconstructing the back yard, so he will have more space now he is growing so fast!
    I got Franklin when he was 6 months old he is now 5! Doing great and growing fast! He met his first of his kind yesterday! A friends female
    Franklin is 5. I will build him another insulated winter house he’s grown out of the first one! just made his summer house.
    Hi I am very sad to have to ask if anyone knows a GOOD person who knows Sulcatas and would take my Franklin.. because of COVID my situation is changing therefore For Franklin’s sake I need to re home him. To someone with the space for him as I am having to move... it is braking my heart I’ve had him since he was 6 months old he is now 6 years .. he is the sweetest guy .. please contact me with information Thank you
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