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    Where did you get your marginated tortoise from?

    Hello everyone! I am thinking of getting a marginated tortoise and have been doing a lot of research on where to purchase one from and would like to know where you got yours from or if you have any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Comment by 'Gbear' in media 'Redfoot Enclosure'

    Aloe, Spider, and Spineless Prickly Pear. I also planted escarole, pansy, and dandelion seeds that are starting to come far everything is surviving but there has been nibbles on the cactus and aloe.
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    Need to find home for my two Russian tortoises

    Sent you a private message.
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  5. Expanded enclosure

    Expanded enclosure

    A little over doubled my outdoor enclosure now that it's warm again!
  6. Redfoot Enclosure

    Redfoot Enclosure

    I think they like it!
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    New home for South American Redfoot

    Hey there, are you still looking for a home for your girl? I just expanded my cherryheads outdoor enclosure and was thinking about giving another redfoot a good home. I live in Florida, I don't know if that might be too far away.
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    Look for Homes for 2 Cherryheads

    Nevermind, just saw you already re-homed them
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    I was worried because she stopped eating and became lethargic after pulling the tick off. The stress might have gotten to her or she was just mad at us for 3 days. Today after a warm soak, she went to the bathroom and then started to eat again, so I think she's coming out of her funk.
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    I just found a tick on my 5 month old sulcata. This sulcata has only been outside once when I first got him. I just changed out his bedding (coco coir) and put in new sphagnum moss about 4 days ago. I changed his stuff outside. This tick was huge and I just noticed him today. I read that...
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    South Houston 2 Red Foots for possible Adoption

    They are beautiful, I hope you don't have to give them up. I know my tortoises bring me so much joy and put me into almost a zen state as I take care of them. I also hope that you are beat the cancer quickly and make a full recovery!
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    New Redfoot Sound

    They are Cherryheads if that matters. They have made the chirping sounds since I got them and have never had respiratory problems. I fed them a little bit of cantaloupe with their greens yesterday, so I'm thinking it might have been gas from that since the new sound has stopped and that is the...
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    New Redfoot Sound

    Their* age
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    New Redfoot Sound

    I have 2, they're age is about a year and a half.