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    National Reptile Breeders’ Expo 2021 - Daytona Beach, FL
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    Fort Pierce State Park. Florida.

    That's a native Florida gopher tortoise and protected. Very light in color, but I have seen some lighter ones as well. Here is a picture I took last year of a Florida gopher tortoise that was very light in color.
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    yearling elegans

    So beautiful! It would be hard for me to part as well.
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    Red foot indoor enclosure

    I have another PVC cage from BoaMaster and it's just as nice as my AP cage. I had him add a 4 inch dam in the front as well for deeper substrate. It took 5 weeks to get. Their website appears to be experiencing some issues with images and I would call or email...
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    Red foot indoor enclosure

    I know that @Tom uses Animal Plastics for his babies. I have one for my bearded dragon and they're great. It took 3 months for me to get mine, so order early. They may have got better with production. Highly recommended!
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    Indian star diet

    Collard greens are great.
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    I have a coworker who purchased a turtle from The Jungle and it died a month later with what the vet believed was MBD as well. After this review from you @ZEROPILOT , I will definitely stay away.
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    Ghido and Chi chi's cuteness thread

    Gorgeous! Beautiful tortoise and growth.
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    Redfoot tortoise at Petco

    He's a beauty and looks to be in very good condition. I'm sure he enjoyed that soak!
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    Good growth?

    Beautiful and he looks great! Very similar growth to mine and same age. I’ve kept the humidity at 80+% and still have slight pyramiding. I do use coconut oil or shell conditioner a couple times per month now and he’s smoothing out a bit more. It definitely helps. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beautiful tortoise and wonderful marbling
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    Thanks to Tom and others for great info NEW Enclosure

    Definitely go bigger. Start with 4ft x12ft or so. He needs a hiding place and ceramic water dish. Plant grass in a couple areas and let it grow as tall as it wants. I agree with Yvonne above that the sides should be taller. A good rule of thumb is the sides should be as tall as the tortoise is...
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