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    Is this shell rot or a fungal infection?

    looks like it might be some sort of scrape of cement or something. I wouldnt be worried
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    research project - please respond

    this thread might also be better under general discussion or turtles, which is probably why you haven't gotten many hits!
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    research project - please respond

    Q1: naturalistic tank that suits his size, hide, basking spot, and he is the only turtle in his tank Q2. I get the feeling he just wants food so he gets really excited and follows everyone around the tank when we approach. When we pick him up or try to pet him he usually just attacks us. Q3...
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    Star tortoise bruises/bump on tail

    the eyes look sort of puffy - what light are you using?
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    Baby Sulcata forming blisters

    With no medical background whatsoever, I am wondering if this is some sort of mutation of Bearded Dragon's yellow fungus that may have passed on to a tortoise?
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    decorative wood for hot & humid closed chamber?

    Thanks! This means I could even keep the same piece of wood!🎈
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    decorative wood for hot & humid closed chamber?

    after 2 weeks, the mopani wood I bought started to mold in my tort's enclosure. it's a shame because she seemed to like it. Any tips on alternatives?
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    Ideas for Tunnel / Hide - Not Wood

    I have used flipped over recycling bins, cat litter tops/bottoms, dish bins...just because I can't find anything big enough for her otherwise. My water turtle is a little smaller so I commissioned a little ceramic hide for him.
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    Plants in indoor enclosure

    Thanks everyone! I will try herbs as well, but I think I will have the same issue as you @Liggysasha because I am terrible with plants.
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    Plants in indoor enclosure

    I wish my tort hated pothos...but unfortunately she has destroyed this plant before. I will try the sword grass though, thanks!
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    Plants in indoor enclosure

    Looking for decor ideas and right now the UV light is pretty harsh in the enclosure. Redfoot tort is a big girl so I am trying to steer away from fake plants and her potentially eating them. Any thoughts on plants that are safe for a tortoise that just don't taste great, and that she may leave...
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    One-Piece Tortoise Table Liner (Picture Heavy)

    I used pond liner from lowes and basically folded in the corners - but I didn't plan it as well as you did. I ended up using an industrial stapler to keep it up w/stainless steel staples and will be putting a plastic covering from Home Depot over the staples to make it look neater.
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    Turtle shell rot??

    whew! I am so glad. It didn't look like typical shell rot to me so I was worried. Thank you!
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    Turtle shell rot??

    I just checked the plastron of my turtle, which is a lot darker than it used to be. It's not soft or sticky, not flaking off...just doesn't look great. Attaching pic of now and 2015 pic of plastron. Hope this is superficial, this guy has had a tough life.
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    Setup and suggestions for 4 x 8 indoor enclosure

    Thanks so much for your reply. I am going to look into the heat panels, but am a bit worried I don't have enough surface area on the ceiling to place them. I also figure if I do cover the ramp, even if the wood is harmless, it will just make me feel better :)