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    Hypo Redfoot Hatch Progression

    that's really cool!! hypo redfoot!!
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    baby chitra chitra picture

    thankyou yagyujubei..:D thanks.. for me this species is the most beautiful turtle ypu can see mark on the carapace..very beautiful..every individu have different's like fingerprint in human anyone have this type of turtle?
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    baby chitra chitra picture

    update my baby.... now I have two baby chita chitra this is jack and this is jill enclosure
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    baby chitra chitra picture

    oh...I'm so sorry Yvonne....I not look your personal information..:D yellow turtle from indonesia??hmm...siapa ya??wakakka..dari foto-foto kura nya pernah liat semua sepertinya...cuma lupa punya siapa..wkekeke
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    baby chitra chitra picture

    thanks all... @courtneyG: yup..chitra chitra is softshell turtle like florida softshell...:D @emysemys: hi brother...i think only few people have this turtle in USA..even in Indonesia,my country,the origin of chitra chitra only few people have this species...
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    baby chitra chitra picture

    it is my baby chitra chitra javanensis pictures:cool::cool:
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    Few turtle pics

    very nice pond!!!love it
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    Hatchling spotted turtles.

    so cute....ahaha....
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    Albino western painted

    beautiful turtle....amazing!!
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    hahaha ... I do not know what language inggrisnya.kami call it "sawi putih" yes ... my knowledge is not good greg let's wait to find out what kind of plant is it?
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    ambonensis breeding project

    good luck with your project, Indonesia does have various types of water turtles are captured
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    ambonensis breeding project

    Amien!!! Hahahahaha Hope the best from this pair I think to add some females box turtle again
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    Ask about aldabra

    What do you mean your mouth does not look normal? for the moisture when he baby, I did not know, because in Indonesia we have not been able to breed her, so we import, and not knowing how he is treated as a baby
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    lettuce?? like this?? in indonesia we call this "selada air" or this? I do not really know the English language, but in Indonesia we call "sawi putih"
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    Lots of Pics =O

    wow very cool pastel jonathan but i think my pastel brighter than yours hmmm your dbt so cool!!!