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  1. tamzsturg

    Newbie here with poorly tort:(

    Hi I’m new to this so apologies if I’m not posting this correctly! My names Tamzin, I’m 19, living in the midlands UK and have a 12 year old Horsefield tortoise named Tarquin. I go to uni but come back home pretty regularly to see my pets who live with my parents. Over the past few weeks Tarquin...
  2. SuperReggie64


    Hello I just wanted to ask what temperature is not okay outside for my Russian tortoise. My tortoise lives inside but he trys to climb out a lot so I built a big outdoor enclosure for him to play in. He spends an hour outside a day. Sometimes 2. I worry about heat out there which is why I don't...
  3. D

    Weather & Food before hibernation

    Hello All. I have had a Ca. Desert Tortoise since 1991. Over the last few years when he should be going to hibernation the weather has been so warm that he keeps getting up. I worry that maybe I should continue to feed regular but haven't. He has grass to eat but I don't know if he is. Any...