1. A

    Male Russian and Female Sulcata needing rehoming

    I have a male Russian box and a female Sulcata (we think) that needs rehoming. They were both rescues given to me at different times a few years ago, and I haven't been able to give them the care and dedication they deserve. The Russian is at least 8 or 9 years old; the Sulcata might be less...
  2. Summer✨

    I would like to get a Russian tortoise! (I've never owned a tortoise before)

    Hello! I'm super new here and would like to own a Russian tortoise! All I really know about them is that they are pretty cute and they can't exactly live in glass tanks. I'd like to know what to get for my tortoise. There's a lot of stuff you need from what I can tell. Like water conditioners...
  3. E

    Russian tortoise PNW weeds?

    Hi all! My Theo (Russian tort) is doing great so far! Sadly he’s a little obsessed with the lighter leaf lettuce I got him (it’s a romaine) so I found a garden group in Seattle and asked people with untreated yards for weeds! We have two dogs and our HOA treats the front usually so ours doesn’t...
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    Russian Tortoise needs new home

    Hello, I recently joined this forum in hopes of finding a new home for my russian tortoise (male). I found that I’m unable to provide proper care/time for him and he deserves better. I’m located in Washington state and am willing to ship him or meet up if the distance isn’t terrible - I only...