tortoise questions

  1. P

    Tortoise rubbing eyes

    Hey guys I've got a inidan star tortoise hatchling 6 days ago , he is currently showing signs of respiratory infection so I'm currently treating him by soaking him in low conc veterinary tetracycline hydrochloride Ive also got a uvb bulb , I have noticed he seems to rub his eyes a lot , his...
  2. Marginated.Oakley

    Age guess?

    Hi everyone, I am very determined to find out my tortoises age and they’re a little hatchling i got in early December 2020. When I got them I measured 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches for the shell. I would love to try to find out how old they are. If anyone knows how many inches they are when they...
  3. EddieAndHannah

    questions about my russian tortoise

    hi! i have a horse field/russian tortoise named eddie and i only got him last month. i’m here to ask if there’s anything anyone reccomends i should add on to his routine/tank etc. i’m not sure what exact measurements his tank is but as he is still a baby we will be upgrading it when he grows as...