tortoise hatchling

  1. Marginated.Oakley

    Can someone tell me if my 4 month old’s shell looks good?

    Hi everyone, I am back again with an update and questions on my tortoise’s health. If these pictures look unhealthy in anyway could you please give me any tips on enclosure or diet changes? Thank you tortoise lovers!!
  2. Katamari.Sweetheart

    New Cal. Desert Tortoise Guardian

    Hello, I’ve just rescued a baby desert tortoise (gopherus agassizii), gifted from an accidental captive clutch. I’m applying for a permit. I’m new to tortoise keeping and want to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my little guy. I noticed that he has a lot of debris and crust around his...
  3. akcoff

    How does my baby Sulcata look?

    New owner with 0 experience, but lots of good knowledge thanks to @Tom and @Yvonne G and many others! What I'm asking is opinions from experienced caretakers/breeders on how my baby looks! This was taken the moment I received him. Thanks a bunch!
  4. S

    Pyramiding? Leopard tortoise hatchling

    Hi everyone, I have had my little tortoise for over a month and wanted to think if you guys thought he had any signs of pyramiding. I'm pretty sure was he overfed and not kept in the best environment previously. I keep convincing myself that I can see super slight signs of pyramiding, but I may...