1. snailpeekoutofshell

    A question about evening sun exposure

    Hello! So here in Vegas we're in the middle of a heat wave.. the high tomorrow is supposed to be 115 F and the low is 82 F. This is quite early in the summer for these high temperatures. Currently, I don't have any deep shade or deep holes for Beans to hide from the heat in. For the past few...
  2. Can you find me?

    Can you find me?

  3. K

    Which spot to make new enclosure

    We just moved and have two options to make the new enclosure. #1. Back porch, large, no direct sunshine #2. Front upstairs porch, small but would get the whole porch, walls go up about 3 feet, has direct sunshine. Thanks for any input!
  4. Noodles1210

    no uvb/uva in enclosure

    so i recently had to seperate my two leos because of the male bullying the female. we had to quickly put together an enclosure for my female. we only have one uv light and the male is using it. i take both of the torts outside everyday for about 4-6 hours unless it’s raining, is the female ok...