1. Sherdil

    Slime and Squeaky tortoise

    Lately, my tortoise has been having these bubbles coming out of his nose. It looks slimy and I don't think he likes it. He started having them about 4 weeks ago. Whenever it happens, he turns to his hand and rubs it. I usually try to clean his nose with water so that he gets better, but then the...
  2. M

    My tortoise squeak sometimes

    Hi Im two star tortoise keeper with 11 cm and 9 cm My 11 cm tortoise squeak sometimes once or twice at day He react well for feed No runny nose and no tear Is he ok???
  3. P

    Squeaky Greek :(

    Hello, my baby Greek has started to squeak, at first I thought the worst and assumed RI so rushed him down the vet for a course of antibiotics now I'm not so sure. He only seems to start squeaking after he has eaten (and he does love to eat) I thought he might be chocking at first as he also...