1. selbe85

    Tortoise shell becoming soft

    I've had my Burmese Star hatchlings for a couple months. I noticed this week their shells are becoming soft, some more than others and it worries me. What can I do to make it better? Tortoise #1 (Kross) - very soft carapace/plastron, lethargic, not eating #2 (Jack) - soft carapace/plastron...
  2. Gerhald Kuswandi

    HELPP!!! I Think My Baby Sulcata Get MBD

    Hi I need help and answer ASAP because I think my 2 months old baby Sulcata is having MBD! Recently I just checked the plastron and the carapace and they are really soft when I press it gently and also the plastron is getting these black color and I can see through his shell when I place him...