soak time

  1. Kim&Tim

    Turtle soup anyone?

    Sleepy Tim waking up and soaking No, I don't use this pan for cooking folks, only for soaking, don't worry😅 (His shell already looked like this, he's a rescue, grew up in horrible conditions for 4 years)
  2. Terrance.


    Morning all, just having my morning soak.
  3. Ruszian Tortoise

    Soapy Soak!?

    Does no one else always have soap on their hands, even after rinsing?! I wash my hands before giving my tortoise a bath... And I can never get all the soap off! So I always wonder/suspect there to be soap in her bath! Any suggestions? Oh, also.. I always scrub off her bath with soap and water...
  4. SkyandSheldon

    Does my sulcata soak too long?

    My sulcata sprawls in the tub for as long as I will let him. He even smiles through it and wants to be near me after, I think it's adorable and he seems happy... But is there risks? Everyone seems to soak for a way shorter amount of time