1. C

    Re-homing Tortoises

    Hello! I have an eight year old Russian tortoise who I have had for about four years. When I got her, I used the instructions provided by Petsmart, which I have since discovered are unhealthy and inadequate for Russian tortoises. After reading many posts on this forum, I've realized that I do...
  2. M

    I need to free this poor red foot

    So my brother got a red footed tortoise about 5 years ago on a whim. HE did not tell anyone he was getting one he just showed up to the house with one and I don't think he really realized that this is a LIFE LONG pet that need SPECIAL CARE! My heart goes out to this tortoise because he is quite...
  3. Kelp

    Looking to fulfill my redfoot's dream to roam & meet other tortoises

    Greetings! Thank you all for your generous assistance, I have lurked on this forum for years learning to care for my Redfoot. Ninja is a marvelous tortoise, adopted 4 years ago from a Middle School Science Teacher. He had been living in an enclosure but relentlessly tried to escape, so we let...
  4. chrisman

    Seeking Sanctuary/Rescue for Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello! My name is Christina, I am from Los Angeles, CA. I'm currently taking care of a roughly 2.5 year old Redfoot Tortoise. He was my grandmother's pet, but she was recently put into a nursing home and can no longer take care of him. I am taking care of Milton now, however, I live in a small...