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  1. T

    Russian Tortoise--pooping in small "nuggets"?

    Hello! Below I've attached some pictures--my Russian tort Ivan, who I've had for around 4 or 5 years, and what his poops have been looking like recently. For the past couple of weeks, his poops have been coming out in these small "nuggets" rather than continuous, larger pieces. At first I...
  2. SienaSunshine

    Russian Tortoise Feeding Frequency?

    My Russian Tortoise, Sunshine, was malnourished when I got her (I found her abandoned on hiking trails). As such I've been trying to feed her a lot to get her weight up. Now that she seems to be a healthier weight, I was wondering how frequently and how much I should be feeding her? I've read...
  3. Victoriatori

    New (unexpected) Russian Owner, advice?

    I apologize for the length. Hello, I may have jumped into this boat a bit more prematurely than planned. I had a friend post about rehoming a Russian tortoise a few months ago, and then again a couple days ago and I've owned reptiles in the past (though it's been a few years and I wasn't...