not pooping

  1. T

    New Leopard Tortoise, water dish and burrowing

    After months of consideration and a week of setting up the enclosure, my hatchling Leopard Tortoise has finally arrived, and I have given her the name of Miira! (I'm a writer and gave her the name of a character I love, I later learned what the name means in different languages!) She's been so...
  2. Mandavi

    Indian Star Tortoise not eating for months now

    Hello, I have an Indian Star Tortoise. I had it roughly 1.5 years back and ever since the onset of the winters last year, he has stopped eating and pooping completely. I take every measure. Basking lights, warm water bath. Nothing seemed to help. Just today, he pooped very little and that's...
  3. A

    my new aprox 2 month old tortoise isn’t drinking

    Hi, I just got a red footed tortoise 4 days ago and it’s aprox 2 months old and 3 inches long, Igs been sleeping a lot hasn’t eaten a whole lot but still is. I haven’t seen him poop nor pee as well as drink. I don’t know if this is normal for a new baby but i just want to make sure everything’s...
  4. C

    Baby Red Foot not pooping

    I’ve had my Hatchling a little under two weeks. I give him daily soaks ( twice a day for about 20 minutes each time ) I feed him 5 days a week but he doesn’t eat much, a couple chomps here and there. His humidity is good in the mid 80’s and I have a basking side that hits around 90’s and the...
  5. P

    Russian tortoise not eating and drinking

    i have a new tortoise i have had him for about 4 months we got him from a reputable breeder at a reptile show. I followed all instructions including correct temperature on both sides of the controller, correct sub straight, correct food, including different variations. my tortoise ate regularly...