no poop

  1. Yoyotort

    Constipation help

    Hello I have had my Russian tortoise koopa for over a year now the past week or so he has been eating less and being very inactive. He has also not been pooping for a few days I’m starting to worry and have soaked him (he always poops plenty in the bath) but this time he isn’t at all. I’m not...
  2. For Love of Everything Shell

    NO POOP in 3 WEEKS!!! HAAAALP!!!!

    Please HaaaaLP! Bob, My Leopard tortoise, has not pooped a normal sized poop in over 3 weeks...He is currently at the vet and they are having no luck! I will attempt to give all information I know you will all ask for... sorry ahead of time for a crazy long message. age: 9 years in October...