1. J

    Lighting Setup

    Hi, Im from Malaysia, I just built a new closed chamber enclosure (4'x3'x2') for my 3" Aldabra. I need an advice for setting up the lighting for the new enclosure. Thanks
  2. 1wildtiger

    My New Enclosures by @MarkW84

    Hello Everyone!! I just wanted to show off my two new enclosures that were made by @Markw84 . I needed to separate my 2 year old Eastern Hermann’s, Tikki and Tavi. It was definitely time to give them each their own place. Mark did an amazing job and I can’t say enough about these awesome...
  3. DebbiLynn

    Love at first sight: New Baby... Burmese Star

    I'm so excited! I received my Burmese Star Baby, this morning. I cannot brag enough on @Markw84. Backstory.... I got my first Tortoise last year; an Eastern Hermann's. I raised him from a 2 week hatchling in a "Smart Enclosure" I purchased from Mark. My Hermann's thrived in the enclosure for...
  4. B

    Introducing Keanu! 💙

    Hi Everyone! Just checked one off of my bucket list! I now have a new buddy for life, a Burmese Star Tortoise and his name is Keanu. This forum has been SOOO helpful for me, so I just wanted to introduce my baby and share a bit of my experience in acquiring him. Mostly about his enclosure and...
  5. Susakin

    Just set up my Smart Enclosures for my baby Leopards!

    I recently set up my new Smart Enclosure, made by @Markw84, and love it. I was having trouble regulating the humidity for my two baby Leopards in the container I was using. With this closed chamber enclosure that is no longer a problem. I got the 4' x 3' with a divider and Lily and Leo have...