1. A

    Why does My tortoise loves this Spot?

    Hey guys, I’m just really curious. I live in Maldives and have 2 Indian Star Tortoise. I’ve had them for 21years. Now the plant in the picture is a Pandan Plant. I always find my Tortoise hiding deep inside the plants. So deep to the point I can’t find them. They’re out in the open so sometimes...
  2. Connor_b123

    My tortoise Greek or Russian tortoise has been having some problems please help

    I have had my tortoise melon for about 8 months now and she is a Greek or Russian tortoise that is about a year to year and a half old. Until recently she has been very active but I’ve noticed that she just hides in her hide all day long and I have to take her out to eat and then she eats and...
  3. A

    Help!!! (won't come out of hiding)

    it’s been three weeks now and my juvenile redfoot will not come out of hiding. She will only eat when i set her in front of her food and she will only soak when i put her in the water. if you refer to my last post, i am certain and have done extensive research to ensure i’m doing everything...
  4. A

    need advice & reassurance-redfoot help!!!

    Hi everyone! I’m a new redfoot owner and i’ve been researching for months. i built a tortoise table, keeping the temp 80-85 with a 90-95 degree basking area. i’ve soaked her every day and kept the humidity level 70-75. I have fake plants and a hut for her to feel comfortably hid, as well as two...