1. IMG_20210722_173349_7.jpg


    Having a rest on the log hide
  2. L

    I need a little help

    I just got a hinge back tortoise out of the blue and I really like him, I keep him in a small bin filled with mulch, I dont know where to find a hide for him so I took him to the back of my house and let him roam there, its pretty confined so he cant get out and he usually burrows in two...
  3. N

    Hides and humidity.

    Hi my name is Marsha. I’m 62 years old and I acquired my first tortoise. A red foot tortoise that is nine weeks old. He’s in a black industrial tub with a yellow top from Home Depot the biggest one they had. I have approximately 6 inches of cypress mulch mixed with two bags of spagnum moss for...
  4. Jason427

    Enclosure inspiration

    Hello guys, can I get some pics of some enclosures for inspiration on an expansion I am planning?? Would like to get some ideas and appriacte your enclosures 😊
  5. Evan-into-his-Boot.jpg


    Evan the Russian Tortoise loves to nap in the old boot.
  6. AllieKat1997

    Ceramic Hide?

    Hello! I was wondering if my tort could have a ceramic hide? It’s a Halloween themed ceramic holder and quite large to fit a tort (though mine is a hatchling tort anyway) I was just wanting to ask before I used it if it would be safe. I know the heat lamps get very hot, like they should, and...
  7. camm3

    Does the size of the hide matter for a hatchling?

    I initially started with a smaller hide, which she really enjoyed and used all the time. For the two weeks I've had her. Thinking to offer more room, switched it out for a larger hide, but she won't go inside. Instead sleeps on the side of it, after roaming around her habitat. I feel she may...