happy tortoise

  1. Terrance.


    Morning all, just having my morning soak.
  2. Taylorlynn48

    Tank likes to climb on his pansy’s 🌼

    Ok? Tank 😂
  3. A.Vazquez

    A much happier Bruce!

    I want to thank you all for the advice, and threads! While the enclosure is no where near finished, Bruce is much more pleased with his surroundings. Little one even started digging! Considering adding coco to help with moisture retention. Any thoughts? I've read both yes and no on here.
  4. AprilOneilTurtle

    Messy eater, I am!

    what a messy eater, she just swallowed up a superworm! She is such a character already! She is such a pretty lady, i’m obsessed!