1. Cornfieldwerewolves

    Assorted ponderings

    Some questions and current products. I'm currently researching what sort of amendments I can make to encourage my hatchling Leo to eat the Mazuri pellets and the soft Fluker's diet. I soak the dry Mazuri pellets briefly, but not so long as to cause them to lose their shape. I sprinkle them into...
  2. A

    Anyone else experience THIS? (theft of tortoise)

    Hi all, just an open discussion. I recently got my house broken into. Nothing was stolen except for my tortoise Elvis, his enclosure, and lamps.... My question is, has anyone else ran into a theft where they steal a pet of yours?? To break into your house and steal your pet??? Outrageous
  3. M

    General Advice

    Hi I'm brand new to owning tortoises and my first tortoise is a baby russian/horsefield tortoise named Albus. I bought him very recently I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about him and whether I'm doing the right thing. At the moment his enclosure is 90cm X 50cm which is a little small but...