1. Armadillogroomer

    A little bit of silliness

    This gave me a chuckle and I wanted to share it with my fellow tortoise nerds.
  2. Reptilian Nation Expo


    Largest reptile event to ever hit Las Vegas. Our 3rd event will be bigger and better than the previous!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale.. 60+ Breeders/Vendors. Venomous Snakes Shows and Exhibits (Exotic and Local NV). DATES/TIMES September 15, 2018...
  3. TortyDxb

    3 Galapagos at London zoo today

    Popped in to see the Galapagos and their set up. Slight pyramiding and not vast amounts of space but looked healthy, and space may be due to winter. I’d say they have around 300 ft2. Maybe 400ft2. Internal. They are big and beautiful why do I love tortoises??? It’s not normal.