fungus gnat

  1. J

    Fungus gnats!!!

    Hi guys, just hoping for some advice. My horse field currently has top soil for his substrate, but we’ve got a serious issue with tiny fungus gnats, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any other substrate we can use to avoid this problem! Also he seems a bit bored, is there anything I can do...
  2. A

    Fungus Gnat Control

    Hi all! My name is Shannon and I'm new to the tortoise life and got my little leopard tortoise hatchling, Tonka, back in March. After perusing through the many threads about the importance of maintaining humidity, I put a greenhouse cover over Tonka's enclosure to keep the humidity up. I do...
  3. tinytortoise

    Roly Poly (Pill/Sow bugs), Closed Chamber Cleanup

    Hey there, I've read around on this topic and am on the verge of incorporating Roly Polys as my cleanup crew. My current concern is that my Western Hermann's is a herbivore, and if my population of Roly Poly becomes too high, I won't have a place to put them. I'm looking to see what other...