free roaming

  1. L

    I need a little help

    I just got a hinge back tortoise out of the blue and I really like him, I keep him in a small bin filled with mulch, I dont know where to find a hide for him so I took him to the back of my house and let him roam there, its pretty confined so he cant get out and he usually burrows in two...
  2. H


    Hi! I have raised 2 Red Eared Sliders and am looking for a home for them. They are amazing little turtles, (Pago & Kuba), and are about 2 years old. We have a nice setup for them, and they are very active. Usually let them roam freely around the house every other day or so. They also come to me...
  3. Wandering Tumble

    Changes approaching - help

    Hi, I’m new here, but I really need help figuring out what to do. Here is an introduction: I have a russian tortoise. Her name is Chili. She has 3 legs (front left missing) due to what we think was a bird’s failed hunting attempt during very early childhood. We’ve had her for over 25 years, even...