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    Russian Tortoise Won't Open His Eyes

    Hi, I have a Russian Tortoise who recently got out of hibernation and won't open his eyes, won't eat, and will only drink when I give him a soak. I've looked this up, and I've gotten a thousand different answers all telling me different things. I assume he won't eat because he can't see since...
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    Baby Sulcata Left Eye Problem

    Hey all! Just got a baby sulcata last Sunday. I took him out in our garden to graze on some grass this morning. He was energetic and loved walking around the place. Now, I noticed that it's left eye is not opening up as well as the right eye after it took a nap. Sometimes the right eye is...
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    Baby Sulcata Question

    Hello, I recently purchased a sulcata tortoise in stage one and still has a beak tooth. I have an overall uvb light to go over the whole tank and 50w mini halogen and uvb combo heat lamp over the basking rock. It has a hideaway and explores the tank every day. I have only had it for 4 days and...
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    Need help with my baby Greek tortoise

    Hello so I recently bought a baby Greek tortoise and he has barely moved the past 2 days I have had him, he eats food.he just will walk a few steps and just lay down let’s out arms out and neck out has eyes shut most of the day. Wondering if he’s sleeping all day is okay thank you.