1. Kwakin

    Enrichment for a 1 yr old?

    does anybody have any enrichment ideas for a baby Russian tortoise born winter 2019-early 2020. S/he is not really interacting with me much and I want them to have some fun with me and not just bury and sit in the shadows of their enclosure. Long story short, need toy ideas. Also if you...
  2. Chipmunk

    Enrichment in enclosure

    Hi, my 4 year old Hermann's tortoise has been getting restless lately and has been pacing her enclosure a lot. I've been doing some research and apparently try this means she is getting bored? She has a slate for basking, a water bowl, a food bowl, a log hide and a lightweight plastic ball in...
  3. AllieKat1997

    Live Fish Feeding Contradictory Info?

    Hello! I’m new to the turtle world (though not the tortoise world. I’ve had a tortoise for a year and a half just about and she’s fantastic) - so I decided to get a water turtle (next I’d love to get a box turtle but that’s later) anyway after my turtle came in (a common stinkpot musk turtle)...
  4. PHOTO_20190425_113311.jpg


    My Russian posing for a quick pic before taking off to explore the kitchen.
  5. 2turtletom

    Tortoise Enrichment

    I developed a way for my captive tortoises to stretch a little bit in order to eat their food. Have you done something similar? I figure it gives them exercise and helps them use more muscles than just eating from a plate of chopped food. I'll probably do this about twice a week.
  6. M

    Brand New Enclosure...Still Trying To Escape!

    Hello All, I’m new to this whole forum business so take it easy on me please, Hehe! So I have a 12 year old (7inch) Hermanns tortoise names Marvin, I’ve had him for about 9 years and he’s always been pretty active. We jokingly call him the “Houdini the ASBO tortoise” because he loves...