1. S

    Enclosure Ideas from a Total Newbie

    Hello everyone! Me and my parents plan on constructing an indoor enclosure for our future redfoot, and I was put in charge of the plans. I wanted to show off some doodles I drew of possible ideas for the enclosure, and if you guys had critiques of it please share! Apologies if it’s a bit...
  2. B

    Plants for shallow indoor enclosure

    I was wondering if there’s any plants I could use for a pretty short indoor Russians tortoise enclosure. There’s about 9’ of headroom between the substrate and the top, which has a wire ceiling.
  3. AmeliaJ

    Building my first Tortoise Enclosure

    Hello!! After lockdown I will be going to pick up my little friend (Tortoise) and bring him home, however I would like to build him a Tortoise Table. I've been looking at using hardwoods, which I then construct using nails and non toxic glue, then using caulking and sealing with multiple...
  4. CandyAss

    Peel & Stick Tile

    Does anyone have experience using the peel & stick tile mosaics in their tortoise enclosures? I was thinking of making a slate basking corner where the floor and a portion of wall are black slate so my girls can cozy up to something really toasty. My concern is the adhesive and foam rubber...
  5. georigan

    Need Enclosure Advice

    Hello, I have a 1-year-old Sulcata, Maggie, who has discovered she can dig & escaped her outdoor mini-enclosure. Do you have any suggestions for an outdoor escape-proof enclosure? I only put her out for short times since she's still little. The one we have is a box that is screened at the top to...
  6. G

    Outdoor enclosure ideas for 4, 2 year old redfoots

    Hi All, First post here, we’ve had 4 baby-ish redfoots for the last year or more and we’ve kept them in the standard wood “tortoise table” that you can buy when outside and when inside we keep them in a rabbit hutch. We live in the Tampa, FL area so they could easily be kept outside almost...
  7. Burmi Steph

    Building New Enclosure!

    Hello all! I have 3 baby Burmese Stars that are currently living happily in an ExoTerra enclosure. They’re growing quickly, so I’m planning on setting up an AP T25 (go big or go home lol) that can house them until they need to be separated. I was wondering - do any of you have any...
  8. CandyAss

    Excavator clay, soapstone, and Desert Tortoises

    I have 3 hatchling Mojave Desert Tortoises that I'm trying to keep entertained and awake through the winter. I have them on a mixture of coco coir, reptibark, and on the basking end Zoo Med Excavator Clay. They really love the clay, but it seems like it might be drying them out. Perhaps I...
  9. R

    Redfoot refuses to stay in enclosure

    I have a 9year old red foot tortoise who will spend hours trying to climb out of her enclosure. As soon as I let her out she stomps through my apartment and under my bed. She will make her happy groaking sounds under there all day or until I put her back. (One time as an experiment- I left her...
  10. EdMurphy

    pictures of 4x8 + enclosures

    Please share some pictures of your indoor enclosures for smaller tortoises that are 4x8 or larger and a little about the location in the house and materials used or point me in the right direction to find them. I see a lot of enclosure ideas but not finding a lot that are 4x8 or larger that is...
  11. awioa

    Humidity in Enclosures

    When you build a wooden enclosure, are you putting anything on the wood to protect it from the humidity? or would it be toxic for the turtles?