1. G

    New enclosure and burrowed

    Hi all! I'm new here but decided to make an account because I'm worried about my Russian tort, Arnie. I built him a new outdoor enclosure (8 ft long, 3.5 ft wide, 3 ft high) with a lid on top. I introduced Arnie to it (with supervision) for a short periods for a few days because he's never had...
  2. Mrnofun2

    Outside living and digging

    Hello Tesla lives in an outide enclosure and dug a hole. I dug it out and created a "hole" out of a 12 inch wide by 12 inch deep red ceramic pot that is flush with the ground when on its side. She has a path that I placed 1/2 inch wood on the walls and floor. The top is covered with a piece of...
  3. H

    Outdoor redfoot enclosure

    I have been searching the forum for information on Wall height and digging but haven't found much. Does anyone house their redfoot outdoors? If so how high are the walls? Also do they dig much? I can't cover the the pen it is too large and odd shaped so I'm concerned about them climbing. I used...