burmese stars

  1. selbe85

    Tortoise shell becoming soft

    I've had my Burmese Star hatchlings for a couple months. I noticed this week their shells are becoming soft, some more than others and it worries me. What can I do to make it better? Tortoise #1 (Kross) - very soft carapace/plastron, lethargic, not eating #2 (Jack) - soft carapace/plastron...
  2. B

    Introducing Keanu! 💙

    Hi Everyone! Just checked one off of my bucket list! I now have a new buddy for life, a Burmese Star Tortoise and his name is Keanu. This forum has been SOOO helpful for me, so I just wanted to introduce my baby and share a bit of my experience in acquiring him. Mostly about his enclosure and...
  3. Time in the Shade

    Time in the Shade

    Our Burmese Star, Rainbow, just passed 600 grams. Enjoying time in the shade.
  4. IMG_2948.jpg


    Rainbow in his/her outdoor enclosure.
  5. IMG_2946.jpg


    4.25" and 550 grams. Enjoying the new outdoor enclosure.
  6. Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day soak and now at 370 grams. Hatched April 2018