burmese star

  1. Pattjunior

    Normal weight gain of a baby Burmese Star tortoise

    Im curious as to what the normal weight gain of a baby Burmese star tortoise should be. I do weigh my tortoise daily, but really look at an average of the weeks weights to see how the baby is progressing. In the last month my 4 month old has gone from 30g to 36g. My 6 month old has gone from...
  2. selbe85

    Tortoise shell becoming soft

    I've had my Burmese Star hatchlings for a couple months. I noticed this week their shells are becoming soft, some more than others and it worries me. What can I do to make it better? Tortoise #1 (Kross) - very soft carapace/plastron, lethargic, not eating #2 (Jack) - soft carapace/plastron...
  3. A

    Looking for Radiata in Texas…also Burmese Stars

    Looking for a bunch of radiata in Texas High yellow=any size Or adults generally Also looking for a few adult Female Burmese stars Maybe a male Two10540840two -Troy