1. F

    Herc the sulcata !!

    Newbie Here !! Franklin Hercules The Third. (The kids named him lol) We call him Herc ! He was given to me through a friend (the guy who had him could no longer keep him) ive had him with me for three years now ! A beautiful estimated 90lb (Hes HEAVY) Sulcata. Hes about 9 years old if the info...
  2. KhairulTort

    Asian Tortoise Trade, Sulcata Hatchling Health, Hard Urates & Other Observations

    Tortoises in Malaysia & Thailand I recently got my first tortoise. But the where I got it, raised a lot of questions about tortoise keeping in my part of the world. I hope this gives you all a glimpse into a different part of the hobby. It's been about two months since I became a tortoise owner...
  3. S

    New baby!

    Hello everyone! I adopted a baby sulcata last night due to a friend travelling a lot and not having time for it. I have a big place and lots of land so he'll be perfect with me. I work from home so i can give him/her the attention they deserve. Just a couple quick things 1.) Please link any...