african sideneck

  1. Z

    African Side neck will only eat live what should I feed him

    Hi. I have an African helmeted side neck turtle and he only eats live what should I feed him.
  2. K

    Tips for Light setup

    I have an African side neck turtle and was looking for tips on how to give her the best light setup. Currently I have the basic zoo med aquatic turtle uvb and heat lights. I've learned that the basking area should be closer to 90 degrees and mine is only 80, so I'm trying to correct that and...
  3. K

    My African sideneck turtle seems sick.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here has gone through what I'm about to mention with their turtle and if you could give me advice. I've had my turtle for 6 years with no health issues. Suddenly a few days ago she started sitting under her basking platform and didn't really get out and move...
  4. caseyerin

    Having some trouble with my african sideneck

    Hi! I have an African Sideneck Turtle and have had him for about 3 years now. When I first got him, I had him in a 20 gallon tank and now he is currently in a 60 gallon tank and has been for about a year. I just bought him a new filter, because the old one was a small filter and a rock...