3 toed box turtle

  1. X

    Edible/home grown plants

    Hi, I have 2 box turtles at the moment and I will likely be getting either a red or yellow foot tortoise or an elongated tortoise in the next couple months. I am wanting to grow some plants that can be used in indoor enclosures for natural shade/hides and aren’t harmful if they are munched on...
  2. T

    Help! (diet and care)

    You will have to excuse me I've never posted on something like this before and im not exactly tech savvy or an english major but I needed help and didn't know how else to find it. I have a hatchling (missouri) 3 toed box turtle. I saved it from a cat about a month (maybe a hair over, Maybe)...
  3. M

    Shell rot

    Hey all, I recently adopted a 3 toed box turtle knowing he had shell rot and that it was pretty bad. I dont know if it will ever heal or if there are things I should be doing currently to make sure it doesnt become active. Any advice would be great thanks. His enclosure is 4ft wide by 8ft long...
  4. Sarahw11

    Escaped 3 toed box turtle

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and in search of any help I can get. My 3 toed box turtle of 28 years escaped my house somehow last Friday. He has never been a wild turtle and we think his actual age is around 60 as he was owned by 2 previous families before us. We've taken him outside a few times (...
  5. LostRock

    Greetings, my turtles, & questions (long post!)

    Greetings! I've kept turtles since I was three years old - I'm 21 now and I'm getting a lot more into the hobby recently. Little story: My 3 toed boxie, Roger (not actually sure if male or female, but I will get to that later), was kept in my parent's backyard for most of his life. Typically...