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    Tortoise eye problem

    Sorry to hear of your tragic double lose, it was no fault of yours because most novice tortoise owner would have responded exactly the same way. If there's anyone to blame it must be the vet who tried to treat an animal species that wasn't in his field of expertise....
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    Tortoise eye problem

    Sorry, this doesn't sound good. I'm afraid your tortoise might have already passed, the eye infection could have been caused by bacteria.
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    Tortoise eye problem

    That's horrible to hear, yes people don't understand an ordinary vet for mammals isn't the same as a reptilian vet & often prescribed medicines or anti-biotics that are fatal. Actually I learnt many of what we thought are ailments is actually not enough hydration, unclean enclosures, not enough...
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    Tortoise eye problem

    Hi, you said it's one eye doesn't open I heard a YouTube tortoise breeder uploaded a video of his rescue tortoise with a similar situation where the tortoise's had one eye completely shut, and he discovered the previous owner didn't soak him much or not long enough so he was able to remedy the...
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    My WILD child

    Lovely story & a couple of pleasant unexpected gifts, I like many others only just getting started raising these amazing animals. I'm glad I choose red foots as they are the least aggressive, most sociable pleasant & mild tempered of all other species of tortoises. From everything I read on...
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    Hi, I currently have 3 red foot tortoises & I noticed all individuals have slightly different...

    Hi, I currently have 3 red foot tortoises & I noticed all individuals have slightly different preference for certain foods. The yearling raised much earlier alone now together with 2 babies of several months doesn't share the same interest for some foods, is it so if tortoises raised together at...
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    Tortoise Scream, Help.

    Yeah, farting & exhale sounds when spooked & retrieving into their shells. tortoise sounds are mostly inaudible unless you're right up next to them at inches away, the only 1 out of 3 red foots I ever heard noises from & many other animals also doesn't communicate through vocal sounds.
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    Tortoise Scream, Help.

    I've never heard tortoises scream, but my first red foot did used to make a swirling type noise when I pet her head never sounds when soaking though. Could it be the water temperatures too high or water levels too deep? Or worst he's in pain? I have 3 red foots & tortoises usually never make any...
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    Help!! Female or Male?

    Male or female the most popular question on the forum by far, I guess most keepers of torts are under 5-6 years including mine. I tried to observe, analyses & mostly guess what they are, but there's no way to be certain.
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    RF Foaming at the Mouth

    Thanks for the information, I didn't know tortoises might get heatstroke too. But I observed this in a relatively short time of 20 minutes after they were on the fields, they appeared to be less active at this point & slowly began to walk towards me. there's no water source nearby & the...
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    RF Foaming at the Mouth

    Hi, I noticed yesterday when I took all 3 of my red foot tortoises to the fields for roaming at around 11am-noon I saw 2 of the younger torts forming at the mouth like bubbles but not the older one of possible 2 year old. It was only approximately 28-30 degrees celsius in April not yet full...
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    New owner of yellow foot tortoise

    Yellow foot tortoises isn't available in the areas where I reside in, but cherry heads & red foots are very common. We also have milder winters of temperatures averaging 8-16 degrees celsius, but even this isn't suitable to keep them outdoors. I have taken my red foots for hour long walks in...
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    Redfoot Care Sheet(hopefully final draft)

    Yes, I was informed by a very knowledgeable forum member very early on when I enquired are full spectrum UVA+UVB bulbs necessary for tortoises that receives regular exposures to direct outdoor sunlight. I was advised this wasn't even necessary & I changed to only use 2x40 watts incandescent...
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    Outdoor activity & exercise for torts conducive to growth....

    Hi, I allow my RF tortoise regular outdoor activities & roam with close supervision & natural sunlight as much as possible from an early stage of their lives. I find tortoises responded quite well to growth & weight gain & were never sick to my knowledge, My first red foot started out at...
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    Is buying a UVB lamps even necessary if my babies are getting sunlight 4 times weekly?

    Yes, I too was given this advice & it's true red footed tortoises/cherry heads or any other tortoises shouldn't use Mercury Vapor lamps. That was my big mistake when I purchased one as a replacement to the first UVA+UVB light with a Lucky Herp 80 watts MVB full spectrum lamp for my then baby RF...