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    Photos of tortoises (and other reptiles) in the Galápagos Islands

    Wow, how did they miss this before declaring them extinct? I wonder if the newly found tortoises also had the 'saddleback' characteristic of George and just assumed those were from a different subspecies? This info should be bigger news.
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    need some advice for growing indoors

    There's a chili eating episode on the Netflix series "we are the champions" where they have to eat something like 15 kinds of super hot peppers, round by round until it's the last person standing. The Carolina Reaper was somewhere in the low numbers; there were several special hybrids after that...
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    Help! tortoise eating less

    Usually upper respiratory infections manifest in the form of bubbles coming out of the nose. It's hard to say what the white stuff is. Does it come back after you soak and wiping it off? It could just be food or calcium if you're giving your tortoise supplements. Take and post some photos.
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    New here!

    Welcome! There's lots to learn about how to make a proper setup. There are several things about your setup that need to change to improve your tort's life. Here's the best info:
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    what breed is my tort?

    There actually aren't breeds of tortoise, there are species. This is a Greek tortoise, Testudo graeca, and looks to be the Ibera subspecies. Testo graeca ibera. You really need to build an enclosure. It's just a matter of time before something happens.
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    Cage Decor

    I made a tortoise hide box out of foam, grout, and non toxic sealer based on the "lizard landscapes" youtube channel. It can hold humidity since it's a plastic shoe box with foam glued to it. You sculpt the foam to make it look like a rock, and then cover it with several layers of grout before...
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    Greek tortoise behaving differently

    Yup, you've got a Russian tortoise, Testudo horsfieldii
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    Shell issue

    In another similar thread, @zovick recommended scrubbing with white vinegar. It's safe as long as you don't get it in the tortoise's eyes.
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    Greek tortoise behaving differently

    I agree, it's most likely just breathing.
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    Greek tortoise behaving differently

    Welcome! What are the temperatures in the enclosure? Also, it looks like it's probably a Russian tortoise, not a Greek. Post some more photos of the tortoise and we can help identify.
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    Optimum humidity levels for leopard

    I don't think the sex of the tortoises matters much. Also, if yours are still young and small, there isn't an easy way of knowing what the sex is. Breeders often claim one sex or another when trying to sell hatchlings. Sometimes they may incubate at certain temperatures to produce one sex or...
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    Optimum humidity levels for leopard

    Great. Glad you found the forum. Keep in mind that although you live in the SA Leopard's natural range, it's probably a better idea to keep the tortoises in indoor closed chambers for the first few years to maintain the proper temperatures and humidity levels. Baby tortoises in the wild...
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    You are right, the tortoise in your photo was kept in adequate humidity after hatching. Attached is an image showing when pyramiding started. You can change the course on new growth by providing it with higher humidity. All of this isn't your fault. You were just given the wrong info.