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    What Reptiles You've Had, Have, And Want...

    Tortoise: Sulcata Leopard Redfoot Pancake Indian Star Spider Burmese Star Turtle: Albino Red-eared slider New Guinea Snake-necked Reeves Caspian Pond Western Painted Snapper Eastern Box Lizard: Bearded Dragon Nile Monitor Savannah Monitor Veiled Chameleon Mountain Horned Lizard Emerald Swift...
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    Baby red foot lethargic, not moving or eating as much

    The U of I clinic is good with tortoises. From Sandwich it is a little over two hours to Champaign. They have a closer satellite office in Chicago but I don't know anything about that location.
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    Leaving My Tort Alone.

    I know exactly what you mean, it crosses my mind frequently while at work. I hope you find something that works out and you are able to enjoy your trip.
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    Leaving My Tort Alone.

    Would a small electric space heater be an option...
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    New tortoise owner, need a little guidance and advice please!

    Seems to be an uptick in these types of responses during the winter.
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    How do I boost humidity in tank?

    The warm air from the furnace wrecks humidity levels. Like others have said, cover as much as possible if you can't cover completely. Deeper substrate, stirred daily helps. Live plants in the enclosure will help. If you're able to sacrifice some floor space a large container of water that the...
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    How fast does hay mold?

    This is what I do and don't have any problems. If you use any pellet type food keep it in a separate container and mix in the morning or your leaves and hay will be a soggy mess. Same goes for anyone using fruits or veggies.
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    Tortoise sellers?

    I've never dealt with them but have heard good things about Arizona Tortoise Compound. I believe he is a member here. They have Speke's hatchlings available.
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    Pay Per Mile Auto Insurance

    There is a company that operates in California called Metromile Insurance. They offer both pay as you go and traditional insurance. Maybe requesting and comparing quotes of both types can help you decide. Your mileage is tracked by a device plugged into your OBD2 port so if your truck is older...
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    Tortoise sellers?

    1-3 should be avoided. I couldn't tell you on 4 & 5. If you check the hingeback section there are some very passionate Kinixys breeders. Your best bet may be to reach out to one of them.
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    creating climbing enrichment

    These aren't great pics but hopefully you can see how I've made stacks out of slate rock. About 2/3 of the enclosure is rock from the bottom up. The other 1/3 they do have access to the dirt substrate underneath. Some areas have two layers of caves, others just one. There is a trio in there but...
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    What to do when receiving tortoise hatchling by mail?

    It seems I do it a little different from most and maybe someone can chime in on if/why my way is not good. I try to only buy from April-September when local weather permits. If the weather is good the first thing I do is set them outside near edible plants/weeds to make sure they move well and...
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    Spineless opetunia with no glochidia?

    Did I see somewhere that you are TexasPricklyPears? If so I've never been stuck by yours.
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    Sunflower sprouts safe for young redfoot?

    Thanks for pointing that out. I was so focused on the 25%-30% protein that I hadn't even noticed the 1:8.5 Ca:p. Edit: Don't know how to use emojis, not sure how I got that in there, and can't edit it out. Please ignore.
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    Whos ready for football season ?!!

    I have a feeling my season comes to an end on Saturday. 13 point dogs to Georgia in Athens. I have hopes but they're not too high.