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    Tortoise Town

    This is a good example of how the Forum is so helpful and informative, especially to newcomers to the hobby.
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    Tortoise Town

    Unfortunately places like Tortoise Town, and there are several others like them; give a bad name to those that are trying to do the right thing. We need to keep on reminding people of this problem; so new member of the Forum are also aware of it.
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    Tortoise Town

    WOW-they are giving you a $50 credit; so they can get a second chance to take advantage of you. I hear plenty of excuses from them, and would check with the FBI regarding internet fraud being done by them.
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    WOW-he is so big and you can't see any thing wrong with his shell; i guess maybe i should order some of those "invisible" ones; to go with my big pair I already have. I think my 800 pound male would like an invisible playmate.
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    They have them listed elsewhere for $550 each, without any coupon code needed. For anybody that did order from them--So how are your invisible baby Aldabras doing?
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    maybe they will guarantee delivery within 30 minutes or its
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    I originally contacted them awhile back about purchasing 12 baby and 3 juvenile Aldabras and 12 baby radiateds, and was told that the tortoises would be delivered to my door within 5 hours of being shipped. This was amazing, since it takes more than 5 hours for the flight from Kenya to reach the...
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    This is a scam, because you can only ship into the US, if you have a import/export license.
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    Happy Birthday, Silverbird!!

    Thank you and have a great day.
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    Happy Birthday, Silverbird!!

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    Happy Birthday, Silverbird!!

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    Well, I Lost All My Gulf Coast Box Turtles!

    Glad they are all back home again.
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    Russian tortoises

    Russians make fantastic pets-as they stay small and are not too expensive, and have a great personality
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    How to help a Tort

    It sounds like that the tortoise is not for sale, but rather a store "mascot".
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    Louie says goodbye.

    It is hard losing a member of the family, even if he was a fairly new one. You rescued him from a bad situation, and gave him only what was best for him; so be proud of what you did, as you gave him a good home and Louie is looking down and grateful for what you did for him. You need to find...