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    baby snapper

    So he doesn't need to bury himself at all? I have some leaf liter in the bottom but not much. You think that's fine? And I know it won't freeze solid! :)
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    baby snapper

    Hey everyone! I seem to have got a baby snapper in my koi pond this summer! Don't see any others, never had. I have no clue where he came from but he's a cutie! Probably 3 inches now. Anyways what should I do for winter for him? He's eating good, I put feeder guppies in there and I had a few...
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    Tortoise injured :(

    Poor little guy! I didn't know it was the bottom too! Guess I missed that in the other pictures. Yeah I wouldn't be eating either!!
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    Broken shell :(

    Poor baby :(
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    Male or Female "Maybe to Young"?

    Looks female to me!
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    Sure it wasn't from the other end lol. Probably took a big mouth of water and spit it out! [hr] Haha not to scare you though, but do keep an eye on him. Even people can drown up to two days after ingesting large amount of water! Very rare though!
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    Pics of now 2 year old Aes. (Sulcata)

    He looks happy! Pyramiding is not bad at all! Good diet and shelter it will blend into nothing in no time!!
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    My tortoise

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    My Sulcata only eats spinach leaves...

    Good job!!!
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    Cooper update.

    So anyhow!! Where's the updated pics!!
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    Cooper update.

    I can't remember what exactly the vet said Tom. But it was along the lines of lack of calcium and I believe protein he said also. It was a drawn out process over 3 months before he died.and it was well over 15 years ago so exact cause I can't remember. One thing I do remember is that no matter...
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    Cooper update.

    Yes Boah, I realize that the 200 pound fat kid isn't the same thing haha. I was just using that as a reference I guess. I was more along the lines of reptile development and not so much mammal, but those were easier examples of bigger is not always better! I'm not saying anything is wrong with...
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    Cooper update.

    My point exactly! You can't possibly absorb all of the calcium needed for that much growth in that much time! But you basically said it's not comparable and I'm just wondering how it's not? Just for my own use I would like to know that! I'm just wondering if anyone has thought about this?
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    Cooper update.

    And why is that? Rascal was a iguana. Everything was perfect diet, lighting, heat, habitat! His body couldn't absorb the amount of calcium needed and use it properly for his quick development! I don't care how much calcium something gets, if not given the time to use it properly it's a waste...