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    7 Leopard hatchlings

    I’m getting ready to move by the end of the month and unfortunately i can’t take them with me. I had two clutches hatch in the backyard.. one almost a month ago and one 2 weeks ago.. I had no clue the eggs were laid usually i incubate.. Im willing to sell them $75 each.. they’ve been introduced...
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    9 leopard torts

    I’m moving by the end of this month but i had two clutches hatch in the backyard. 3 are around a month old and the other 6 are from around the 6th.. they’re all healthy, eating and active but i need them gone quickly.. i’m willing to do it for $75 each.. email me @[email protected] for...
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    Leopard Tortoises

    I have 7 leopard tortoises, 1 that hatched in February 2019 and 6 that hatched in October 2019. I willing to do $75 + shipping.. they’re all healthy, but unfortunately i will be moving next month and i won’t be able to take them. Email me @[email protected] for pics, question, etc.
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    Leopard Tortoise Yearlings

    Hi, I have 2 leopards that hatched on 12/27/18 as well as 3 that hatched 10/24/19. I just had another cutch hatch and I need more room. I’m willing to let them go for $100 + shipping if necessary. Please text me at (909) 438-4185 or email me at [email protected] for pictures, diet, etc.
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    PB Leopards

    I have 6 5 month old leopards.. I am looking to get 100 dollars plus shipping but I am pretty flexible.. They are fed a mixed diet as well as they are taken outside and soaked daily. Pm for more information
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    6 5 month old PB babies

    Pm me for information
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    Shipping temperatures

    Thank you
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    Shipping temperatures

    I ship through ship your reptiles and they say you can ship as long as the high is above 38 degrees but do you think a low of 36 is too cold??
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    Any research available on incest

    I’m not considering it, but I was wondering if there was any scientific evidence on the pros/cons on incest. Just for curiosity
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    Well started baby leopards

    I have 5 leopards that will be 4 months old on the 10th. They all weight around 2.5-3.1 ounces. They eat a lot and are very active. They soak and go out side everyday unless the weather doesn’t permit. I’m selling for $100. Email me at [email protected] for pictures of enclosure, the babies...
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    Egg shells for yearlings

    Ive been trying to get less grocery store food and grow different varieties of food.I have a clutch of 11 hatching and I usually box brood them with their egg shells. They don’t finish the egg shells and I have some leopards that hatched around September 10th. I know you can feed them egg shells...
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    Is this a box turtle

    I ordered him a slate plate will that file them down
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    Is this a box turtle

    I read about putting flat rocks in the enclosure to file them down but are they too long that may need to file them down myself
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    Is this a box turtle

    This guy has an interesting story. I was called into the school office and I was presented with this little guy here I am not 100% sure there is a box turtle but due to a little piece on the bottom of the Shell I’m pretty sure he is I am fostering him hopefully until his owners get them or I’ll...
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    Adult Male leopard tortoise hiding in deserts burrow

    They are really the same size the CDTs are a little bit wider so I think he went down there just because it’s cool and the sun isn’t beating down on him