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    Pond filtration

    My "pond" is only 650 gallons, but the pump runs 24/7. The current pump is around 10 years old. You need lots of plants in the water to absorb the nutrients that feed the green algae. Your pond appears to have areas that allow dirt to wash in from rain, making it much more difficult to get clear...
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    Garden chat & photos for torts and people ♫ ♫

    Ahhh, dogwoods. I slow-cooked one here in Texas many years ago...
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    How to tell: What is "normal" weight for a 1 year old Eastern Box turtle?

    The first few weeks after hibernation I would expect "lighter than normal" weights, obviously. They will usually drink deeply the first chance they get; the females seem more likely to eat than the males. The boys seem totally fixated on finding a sweetheart, and initially will generally expend...
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    How to tell: What is "normal" weight for a 1 year old Eastern Box turtle?

    I've had box turtles for a long, long time and I usually judge their weight just by holding them. A box turtle should feel "heavy." (Actually, going only by feel, I suspect ALL turtles and tortoises should feel heavy.) But, using only weight from a chart and disregarding size (length, width...
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    This is romance?

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    This is romance?

    More of the same - flashing like a lecherous old man.
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    BEST APRIL FOOLS prank played on a tortoise.

    Many years ago my sweet mother-in-law was changing a diaper on a year-old nephew and thought it would be a great time to teach my future wife and me how to properly do it. We were mere teenagers at the time. This was also back in the days of cloth diapers. As she worked to position the diaper in...
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    This is romance?

    Long-term captives (decades) and 2nd and 3rd generations.
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    This is romance?

    Ahhh, but the lowly box turtle male is aggressive - even bullying - in his quest for love. After a period of time, while the female remains unresponsive to his foreplay, he will finally wander off in search of more receptive females. Here is another photo of the exact same female just a few...
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    Garden chat & photos for torts and people ♫ ♫

    OK, I'll bite: I wanna see video of that transplanting operation. It looks difficult, dangerous, and likely to provoke more than a little laughter. If I were to attempt that scale of transplanting here, my wife would cook up a mess of popcorn, pull up a chair, and probably contacts the news media...
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    This is romance?

    Hard to believe what guys think a gal will respond to...
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    captive box turtles in the great outdoors

    With an expression of: "What was all the fuss about? I've done this before..." (Nice specimen, by the way)
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    It almost appears they are dropping junk on purpose - hard to believe that much just slips thru their hands...I feel for you.
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    THIS is why I put stepping stones inside the pen...

    As I get older, my vision dims a bit, my balance goes wonky, and I have to take precautions so I don't inadvertently step on somebody...this was today, and I almost didn't see him...
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    Calcium water soak idea

    Strange doesn't even begin to explain it - something in your olfactory loop is maladjusted.