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    Egg Bound?

    Mouth gaping a bit (initially I thought respiratory infection as there were some strange noises too!) Then going weirdly stiff. In hindsight I should have known this was eggy behaviour, but my immediate thought was respiratory. She's defo big enough for eggs. The eggsray (see what I did there)...
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    Egg Bound?

    Around 10, and no deformities. There's alot of nice hidy holes, sloping soil etc. I know they can be picky! I didnt actually know thats what she was trying to do! I was worried about recovery time, if surgery was fair on them etc if it was needed...
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    Plant ID please

    I have an app on my phone called plant net- you can take a pic of the plant and then I google if its safe for them 😊
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    Egg Bound?

    Hi Guys, I took my horsefield to the vets a few days ago- there was bit of weird behaviour so went to check up. It turns out that she's trying to lay- they said they'd give an injection to try and help along but unfortunately no eggs have appeared (xray confirmed eggs). They said to bring home...