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    Thank you! He is a sweetheart. We recently realized that he responds to his name which I just think it’s the sweetest thing in the whole wide world.
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    Slate purchasing?

    Thank you. In other cities have lived in usually those to DIY stores are right across the street from each other but unfortunately not in Charleston, South Carolina. However for the meantime I’m going to be using a terra-cotta – and the next time I’m in the neighborhood of Home Depot I’m going...
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    Sleepy torty

    I just had to take a pic of him sleeping last night! I love when he lays likes that! He looks so comfy! I didn’t want to wake him so I didn’t turn on the flash, therefore there is the Violet light from the heat lamps/bulbs.
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    Slate purchasing?

    What a wonderful and ingenious way to be resourceful! Thank you!
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    Slate purchasing?

    Thank you! I’m definitely looking to spend as little $ or finding it free! I just want to make sure I’m doing all the right stuff caring for my baby! And I have posted some pics of my lil guy on my page. I took one of him sleeping last evening bc he just looked so stinkin’ cute! I couldn’t help...
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    Slate purchasing?

    LOL Thank you!That’s a sweet & kind gesture! Now, where would I be traveling to? On a more serious note I’m going to ask some locals where I live where a god place to go rock hunting! I need some for my gardening and other pet habitats as well!
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    Slate purchasing?

    I’ve been readesrching looking for some. Thank you!
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    Slate purchasing?

    Thank you! And yes, I have kept the cuttlefish bones in there for him. I had tried a terracotta saucer for his water initially when he was tiny. It was getting mildewy/moldy though. However, at that time he was in a large black plastic tote/tub. Since it has a lip like his current feeding...
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    Slate purchasing?

    I tried Lowe’s yesterday and they didn’t have any. Was actually quite surprised. Thank you! I don’t know the exact measurements off the top of my head it’s not huge but it’s not small either. Marty is about a year and a half old. So a piece of tile would be fine in his enclosure.
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    Slate purchasing?

    Hi! I have been looking for some slate to use as a place to feed my Sulcata, Morty in his habitat. I’m having a difficult time finding some and I’m going to try some local tile places, friends I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of where to find a smaller piece or pieces...
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    What To Do About Pics Of Inappropriate Tortoise Practices?

    Straightforward is great but I think harsh is a little different. I think it’s important to let owners/keepers know how to properly care for their pets. It’s also important to let them know if they are placing them in harms way. An ounce of prevention.....
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    Coconut substrate sticking to head/neck and slightly in shell

    Thank you! I’m definitely going to try this as well!
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    We plan on revamping the indoor habitat Next week so I’m doing tons of researching to make it...

    We plan on revamping the indoor habitat Next week so I’m doing tons of researching to make it ideal for my Sulcata!
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    My Sulcata moved his hide today! I guess he wanted a new address!

    My Sulcata moved his hide today! I guess he wanted a new address!
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    Coco coir in poop!!!

    Thank you I thought it was ripped apart but didn’t realize that it could be acquired much cheaper at a garden center under the other name. I very much appreciate the information. And I’m sure my Morty will too!