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    Meet Rocket!

    Looking great! I'd say that's a pretty good first year, I've seen so much worse!
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    how active is your russian tortoise?

    In the spring when it wouldn't get too hot, they would wake up and bask around ten and then kind of stay partially active all day/ staying in shade when they get too hot then exploring and grazing again, most of the day. Now that it is summer, they mainly come out in the afternoons, sometimes...
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    Desert tortoise upside down in sun

    Like Tom said, anything is possible. I think right now she is recovering from the shock of what happened, in the place she feels most comfortable. Only time will tell if she is completely okay.
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    Diesle box turtle

    I would keep him on some sort of soil with leaves/ leaf litter. But cool!
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    Split/extra scutes are more prone to HFS?

    I personally think that statement is wrong. But who knows, let's wait until others chime in.
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    Tortoise identification

    Hermanns or Greek. Idk specifically though, let's wait for more knowledgeable people.
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    box turtle magnet

    At my church in rural Ocala, there is a large wooded area in the back where I once found a wild female fl box turtle. She was in a burn pit that was way too steep to climb out, she must have not realized how big of a drop it was and fell in. If I didn't help it out it would've died. This was...
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    Smartest tortoise ever!

    TORTOISE ON THE RUN...!! Early today, our door was open and we noticed that our tortoise had left. We found it in the front garden of the house of our neighbors, soon approximately an hour after I noticed that the door was open again and a guy was honking the horn in order to tell us that our...
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    Comment by 'MichaelL' in media 'My Russian Tortoise'

    Male for sure.
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    Russian tortoise uvb

    A terra cotta saucer is probably the best choice.
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    Sudan Sulcatas (This never gets old...)

    Love it Tom. The idea of using leaves as a sort of substrate in the brooder box is genius. Bet you never deal with impaction. Super cool.
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    Are these male and female ?

    They both look male to me.
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    Free baby box turtle

    My bad for coming off strong. Just wanted to clarify.
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    My tortoise poop is runny

    Honestly I wouldn't even give them. It's not like it'll kill him or make him sick, but naturally, in the wild they eat more dry, fibrous things and cucumbers are the opposite of that. If you really want to give cucumbers for some reason, I would not give more than once every few weeks. Also...
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    My tortoise poop is runny

    Get rid of the cucumbers. That may stop the runny poop, and cucumbers aren't meant for russians.