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    Nova the sulcata

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    Tortoise beak broken.

    Do you mean me? Are you talkin to me??? (sounding like a young Marlon Brando)
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    box turtle

    Just get him to a Vet, this is or can be life threatening
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    Advice on Leaving Tortoise at Home

    I cannot count or remember how many tortoises I have had without cameras, wifi operated food dish or hey Alexa give Bowser a drink!!! I guess I short changed all those turtles and tortoises.
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    Sad whats going on in FLA

    Burrowing Owls are protected here, and loggers lost their livelihood because of them...
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    Male sulcata?

    Thank god!!! Nobody was reacting and that is some funny sh*t!!!
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    Tortoise beak broken.

    I can't think that fast
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    Help! (Scared tortoise) of my favorite 'experts'... the infamous worldwide expert...the beautiful and friend (ahhh what's her name)??? oph my...
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    Tortoise eye looks weird - please help!

    OMG! Tommy has lived thru a very stressful life and you can see that when his care changed because of YOU he is better physically and so freakin pretty now...Way to go Tommy!!!
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    Tortoise eye looks weird - please help!

    Hang around and continue to ask questions...remember this... As an example...the coil bulbs... they are sold in most pet type stores. Called a 'coil' type bulb they are close to the cheapest uvb bulb so more people will buy them..,an 18 yr old store clerk is likely to recommend them...there is a...
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    Help! (Scared tortoise)

    Nope wrong. It is simply air escaping as he is surprised or otherwise and sucks in...seriously @Yvonne, @Tom, @Mark84...those are 3 of our most knowledgeable members... So you 'experts' do tortoises hiss like a cat on purpose...or is it air escaping???? hmmmmm?
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    Help! (Scared tortoise)

    That hiss is simply the air escaping as he sucks himself in...handle him more and he'll get used to it more...
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    Male or Female?”

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    Tortoise laid eggs

    wow, thanks for the picture...most of us here are not in the least squeamish....oh Humphry!
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    I'm in Oregon